Your hair....but improved!


So I mentioned this amazing collection in my last post along with all my other August Favourites. It is absolutely amazing! I loved the shampoo and conditioner that much, i went out and purchased the hair masque to go with it :) My poor hair has been needing some life & body so I have been trying all sorts of different products to help it.

I have naturally fine hair, & through bleaching it has been needing some life & body back into it. Im slowly getting into the routine of washing my hair on a night, so I can leave it to dry naturally...something thats taking some time getting used to, I just love that fresh clean feeling in the morning!  Whilst doing this I thought it was time to change my shampoo and conditioner & try something a little different. 

I seen the shampoo & conditioner on offer in Wilkinsons and thought I must purchase this right away! ha I have wanted to try it for a while & now that it was on offer, why not?? It smells absolutely incredible! so sweet and clean! You only need a little bit of the shampoo as it lathers up amazingly & the conditioner is the same with only needing a little bit as its super thick! After about a week, i began to notice the changes already, my hair felt so smooth & seems like it had more life in it :) I then went browsing Superdrug last week, and whilst walking around I came across the collections masque on offer....and guessed it...I thought why not?

It has the same amazing smell & texture as the conditioner, but slightly thicker. I shampoo & condition my hair as normal, and then add this masque all over my hair, flip my head over and massage for a minuet, this has now become my shower routine! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has fine hair and is wanting to revive it.

Thank you my lovelies for reading :)

Have you tried the new hair collections from L'Oreal yet, and what are your thoughts!?



  1. Going to give this a go! Your hair sounds the exact same as mine! Fine and Flat. =[.
    Iv been using Garnier "ultimate blends" with argan oils and camelia oil! its fabulous, but im definately going to give this stuff a go! xx

    1. It is :( i see these luscious locks and im like awww? ha - I did start using that too & its also one of my favourites! & smells lovely. This stuff teamed with the post about AVONs instant repair keratin technology has been working a treat on my hair :)