Rouge Pur Couture | Yves Saint Laurent


You know when you find that perfect red? Well I have well and truly found it, classic style!

Rouge Pur Couture Le Rouge 1

"Sloppy comment alert" My amazing & wonderful boyfriend actually picked this colour out for me for my birthday after I was going on for so long that I really wanted to try an Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, but really couldn't bring myself to pay £25 for one. 

I am such a sucker for packaging & thats why I wanted to try an YSL lipstick for so long. The packaging just feels expensive and sturdy and I love the branding on the front. After trying this lipstick I can now justify paying the price of £25, It is absolutely amazing! super soft, glides on with such ease, smells incredible, moisturising & its staying power omg! I tried it on at the night, slept in it & literally had to scrub it off the morning after, so needless to say, you will only have to apply it once! 

If your thinking about whether £25 is too much for a lipstick, you will not be disappointed if you splurge, its definitely worth it! & I'm already itching to buy more!

Have any of you tried a YSL lipstick? :)



  1. I love the gorgeous gold packaging, it just looks so luxe! The shade you picked out is stunning and looks beautiful on you :D x

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    1. It's such a lovely texture too! :) & Thank you xx