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Clinique is a skincare brand you can always rely on!

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild
Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover
Clinique All About Eyes
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
The Body Shop Bath Glove

You know when you find that skincare regime that just works perfectly for you? I think I have found it! For anyone that follows me you will know that I have the most sensitive...yet oily skin & can only use certain products that don't irritate my skin. I have always used Simple as this is really good for my skin but wanted to try something different.

I use all four of these products both day and night starting with the "Take the day off Makeup Remover" to remove any residue after wiping my makeup off with Simple skincare wipes. This product is 100% fragrance free and is applied to a cotton ball/pad and then wiped over the skin. The first time I used this I it doing anything? or is any product on the actual pad...but when I looked at it all the last dreads of my makeup was on the pad & I could see the shine on my skin where I had used it. It does leave an almost greasy feeling to your skin after use, but you rinse that off after you are done :) Although this product is meant to be used more to remove lids/lashes and lips makeup...I do use it all over my skin and you only need just one blot of it on a pad to do the job!

After I have rinsed off the makeup remover, I go onto the Liquid Facial Soap. Pretty much self explanatory, I just wet my face a little and apply this product using one of those exfoliating gloves, if your unsure what one of those is I have left a link at the top :) I just apply two blobs of it to my middle and index finders on the glove, and work the soap into my skin using circular motions, avoiding the eye areas for about 2 minuets. After I feel the product has been distributed enough around my face I just simply rinse with warm water until all the product has gone & then go back over my clean face with cold water to close my pores. This product leaves my skin feeling so so smooth, clean & soft without drying it out ...amazing!

After my face has air dried, I then add the All About Eyes to under my eyes and my lids & then apply the Moisture Surge to the rest of my face. These two products, although it says 100% fragrance free,I still think they have a sweet smell to them & as they are super thick in texture you only need the smallest amount on your finger. Being true to its name, the Moisture Surge leaves my skin so hydrated and gives my skin that perfect base, ready for my makeup application. These two are definitely products I would recommend for someone who has sensitive skin and are prone to dryness, a little pricy but a little really does go along way & the product will last for so long.

I can't praise all these products enough for how they have helped my skin & made it feel so beautiful, looking radiant and feeling hydrated. I did receive these products as a gift, but will definitely be purchasing some more of these when they run out.

If any of you have used these before, let me know :)


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