Coloursens Nude

I have never really been that much of a fan of nude lipstick, as sometimes I think you can borderline on looking like you have no lips! But recently I have been liking the nudes that have just the right amount of pink hue in them.

Maybelline Coloursens Nude | Kiss Pearl
Maybelline Coloursens Nude | Tantalising Taupe 
Maybellines Colour Sensational Lip Liner | Sweet Pink

After becoming obsessed with camel shades over the past few month I really needed some nude shade lipsticks to match my outfits. I have never really tried Maybelline's lipsticks before & I love trying new things! The colours looked absolutely beautiful with just the right amount of shimmer in them too, so in my basket and out of my account they went!

I am so glad that I bought them too! They are amazingly soft and have this fudge like smell to them that just makes me want to eat them every time I go to put them on. They glide on with ease & are just subtle enough to add a nice highlighted sheen to your lips. The colours themselves aren't the most pigmented, but teamed with the Sweet Pink lip liner from Maybelline, it pigments the colours just that little bit extra.

I will definitely try some bolder colours from Maybelline, as I find these lipsticks so lovely on and they don't dry my lips out. I just want to see how pigmented the other shades can be as these shades are so sheer I don't think they are doing the staying power and quality of these lipsticks any justice!

A thumbs up from me though! :)


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