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I have always been someone who obsesses over mens fragrances, hovering in department stores smelling mens aftershave more than perfumes, so I thought I would do something a little different and give you an insight into my favourite scents my other half wears.

Montblanc Starwalker | The Perfume Shop
Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb | Boots
Versace Eros | Harvey Nichols
Gucci Made To Measure | The Perfume Shop

The first time I smelt Viktor & Rolf was when we were both in Manchester airport heading to Tenerife 3 years ago. We were both purchasing some new fragrances & I  have absolutely fell in love with this one ever since, It is definitely my all time it just brings back all the amazing memories of our holiday.

For anyone who hasn't smelt it yet, you are definitely missing out and you & your feller need this scent in your life. It's exactly what it says on the tub, spicy & very manly & considering it is a Toilette it clings to absolutely everything all day...its staying power is that amazing! Number one on my nosedar!

I am a total sucker for amazing packaging & adverts, so when the advert for Versace Eros came out I shot straight to boots to smell it. For anyone that hasn't seen the advert, check it out here. It was such a bonus for me, because it was coming up to my boyfriends birthday & I know he loves his aftershaves. I knew instantly it was the one to purchase because it smells so gorgeous & musky, that typical manly scent, something I would say is more of a night time scent, but it's too good to restrict to just date nights! Look at that packaging could you turn that down, the engraved bevelled detailing, the gold greek god of love design on the lid...perfection!

Gucci Made to Measure isn't really a fragrance you could pick out of a few, it tends to smell quite typical, that light scent with that masculine undertone. Although I would say it's meant for an evening out, it is quite light and fresh so you could get away with wearing it through the day. It's lasting power isn't that great either, and it isn't really a scent I can still smell on his clothes at the end of a day. The orange scent in this does come through quite potently, so I would say its more fresh and clean, than musky.

Montblanc Starwalker is that typical musky scent that you could purchase anywhere, by any brand and not be too sure what it is. Although it is really nice, manly & strong to being with, I must admit, it does remind me of a few that Next do. This version is quite cheap and cheerful and perfect for when you don't want to wear your most expensive aftershave through the day. It isn't my most favourite out of his collection, but it still makes the top 4 four for its lasting power, price and manly scent!

There are two more that I absolutely love, but he doesn't have the bottles anymore, and they are:
Bleu De Chanel | The Perfume Shop
Dolce & Gabbana The One | The Perfume Shop

Bleu De Chanel, is one that he always goes back too, including Viktor & Rolf, but he hasn't purchased one for a while now, I think it's time he did!

If your planning on getting that man in your life some aftershave, I would definitely look at these ones I have mentioned, they smell gorgeous & any man would love to have these in their collection!


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