Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

You know when you find that one product that you know you will not be able to live without? I think I have found an all time holy grail!

The Body Shop | Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

After coming across this cleansing butter in one of the The Body Shops tutorial videos, I knew I had to get it. I haven't had the best of luck with my skin, going from one product to the next until I find one that works its gold on me! I have super sensitive skin, and I think my type is along the lines of combination, but certain products can really irritate my skin.

As camomile is known for its calming factors for sensitive skin, I thought it would be perfect for me and it really has been. I haven't reacted to it at all & a big bonus for me, with me being a contact wearer is that it doesn't irritate my eyes.

I particularly bought it as it works wonders on removing the remnants of makeup from your face at night. I am really quite lazy when it comes to skin care and tend to just remove my makeup with a face wipe but I have now added this into my ever so lazy regime.

It smells absolutely gorgeous! not too perfumed as some products can be, but a really nice subtle petal scent. It has an almost waxy texture to it, and after I have removed my makeup with my face wipe, all I do is slightly rub the tips of my fingers over the wax to warm it up and so I have enough product on my hands (and a little really does go along way!) and just start to massage it into my skin for about 20 seconds. It also works wonders on that pesky mascara that is sometimes a struggle to remove without being a little harsh on your eyes. It does state that it works best with a damp muslin cloth, but I have found it just as useful to dampen some cotton pads and remove it that way, moving in an outwards motion until my face is wax, grime and makeup free! Plus I won't have to keep on top of cleaning the cloth.

 This product leaves skin feeling absolutely beautifully soft, hydrated, clean and fresh! ready to finalise my regime with my moisturiser and jump into bed! I have absolutely fell in love with this product and started to notice a difference in my skin after about two days. It looks a lot brighter, feels softer and I haven't had a dry breakout since using it, which is a little over a week now.

I was a little nervous using it, as it is waxy and I am prone to problem skin, but I haven't had an issue with it at all, it has worked wonders for me & it will definitely be a product that I go back to.

If you have sensitive skin and I have struggled to find a cleanser that isn't too harsh, I would definitely recommend this. It removes all impurities from your skin, leaving it soft to the touch and hydrated!


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