An innovation to cleansing

Is has been the talk of the beauty world for the past few week now & steadily becoming a staple in everyday cleansing.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes | Boots

For any of you that haven't seen or heard of Micellar water, it is rapidly becoming an essential in makeup removal and general cleansing of the skin. It has the purist of water..tripled to be help minimise the amount of irritation which some cleansers can cause and the micelles which are the little cleansing bubbles in the water help lift out dirt and grime without leaving your skin dry and tight.

Being someone not to miss out on something new & having ran out of my face wipes (conveniently) I really wanted to give these a try. I am not one for bottled cleansers really and I already have a cleansing butter in my skin care regime so I opted for the facial wipes instead.

They are pretty much the Micellar Water but in a more convenient format, as you just take out a wipe and wipe away, no faffing with getting cotton pads, dropping some on, and then trying to get everything off with a small pad.

For all of you that follow me you will know that my skin is so sensitive and I can't really try too many facial products, but knowing this has been created to be extra gentle on the skin I knew I couldn't go wrong.

The wipes have two essential skin reforming vitamins in them, B and E which help to restore, replenish, moisturise and smooth the skin after a day of makeup, or even just to give your face a freshen throughout a stressful day. As well as the vitamins they have no alcohol, perfume or oils in them either, so if you are prone to breakouts and irritated skin like me these wipes are perfect.

My skin feels so lovely after using these, and it is usually during use that I start to feel irritation on my skin, but with these wipes I get none of that, they are even that gentle that I can use them around my eyes...bonus for hard to remove mascara and eyeliner! The one thing I really like about Simples wipes is the raised detailing on them, I just feel that it really gets into my pores and removes all the makeup and impuraties from the day. These particular wipes are also quite saturated, meaning they won't dry out half way through your makeup removal which I have found with cheaper ones.

I do think these wipes are perfect for my skin & although they are pricier than my usual wipes, I believe the visual benefits will pay off, definitely a winning product for me!

Let me know if any of you have tried these wipes? or the micellar water and your thoughts on it....and if I should try it out!


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